Coding with Live Refresh

I’ve been using CodeKit (or at least the Windows equivalent of it before I switched to Mac development) for about a year now. I mainly used it so it would check my Javascript and CSS for errors and then minify them nicely for my sites. One feature that I never really got round to using the Live Refresh feature. However, for one of my more recent projects, seeing as it was just developing in solely HTML and CSS, I decided to give it a go. It was a revelation!

Now, instead of making changes to my code, saving it, uploading it, switching to my browser window, refreshing it – all I have to do it save my code and the browser auto refreshes displaying my new HTML! Easy! It’s similar to how I do a lot of my CSS fiddling, i.e. changing the CSS using Chrome developer tools actually on the web page itself, so you can see the page change as you make the changes.

Another great feature of Live Refresh is if you are doing a responsive design. The Live Refresh will automatically update the page on any device that is viewing the code. This means that I can be coding my page, save it, and my desktop browser, iPad and Android phone will automatically refresh showing me the latest code. Handy and a time saver.

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