Getting Used to Freelance Life

My first month as a freelance WordPress developer was pretty hectic – lots of work on, a 5 day website rebuild job and lots of other smaller jobs. This was great and it made me feel that going freelance was going to be a good choice. Then came the second month! Halfway through the month now and I’ve only managed 23 hours of billable work – not great. I’ve got several projects that I’ve quoted on and waiting for the green light to start on those, but nothing else really.

I guess that maybe this is what freelance working is going to be like – lots of time when you’ve got nothing to do, and then BOOM! two or three projects get the go ahead and you’re putting in 12 hour days to get everything done.

One thing that these lulls in work is great for is spending time with my family. The kids are at a great age (2 and 4) and Lily started school this week so being able to drop her off and pick her up is fantastic – things that I would never have been able to do when I was working full time. Another bonus is the amount of time I have to go running – last week I ran 60 miles (about 20 miles more than I’ve ever run in a week before), so another thing that would have been a lot harder if I’d not quit my job.

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