Whoop! iMac is here!

After finally biting the bullet on Monday (payday) and ordering my lovely 27 inch iMac, I was very excited when Apple shipped it the same day and it arrived on Tuesday. Sadly for me I was stuck at work and then ‘had’ to go to open water swimming afterwards so didn’t get my hands on it until 8pm that night.

Once I had it all setup I faced the crappiest part of any new computer – syncing Dropbox to it. Going to take a few days of constant downloading even on my fibre optic connection. Oh well, I cannot do without my Dropbox so it’s a necessary evil.

It’s going to take some time for me to get used to working on OSX, especially all the keyboard shortcuts I’m finding I need to use. Stuff like taking a screenshot, bringing up developer tools in Chrome, even a simple hashtag?! Once I learn them all though I shall be flying!

Some of the tools and programs I’ve installed so far are:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud – I’ve gone legit
  • Sublime Text 2 – synced settings on my Dropbox, so it’s all lovely and familiar
  • Codekit – finally I’m on a Mac so I can use this
  • Tweet Bot – love Twitter
  • 1Password – ditto, love 1Password
  • Skype
  • Chrome – my favourite browser
  • SourceTree – must try and embrace Git some time
  • Alfred – heard so many good things about this

One issue I have though is that I have nowhere to put the iMac at the moment, and I won’t have until I kick my youngest daughter, Sophia, out of her room and move her in with her sister, then I will g=have my own little office ready for my new freelance adventure. Two weeks left…

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